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refute the alleged previous

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 witnesses testify, their evidence directly to refute the alleged previous Pistorius is the first mistake Riva as an intruder, followed manslaughter argument. In yesterday's court session, Pistorius neighbors, Lecturer in Economics, University Michelle - Berg's testimony today has become the key to the prosecution and   nike kobe 8 cheap     defense arguments. Michelle and Tears court again today in court, she said she was still able to recall Riva - Sting Kemp creepy screams. And Pistorius's defense attorney Brooks said Riva impossible screaming on the grounds that the gun was shot in the head, how purring, he also said that people are actually called Pistone stay Adams, a cricket bat and gunfire Zamen voice.After yesterday, the spotlight, Michelle - Berg little excited today, after several rounds of intense cross-examination by defense counsel, she suddenly lost control tears, Michelle said: "When I was in the shower, I suddenly recalls her cry, that sounds really creepy ah! "Another neighbor, Vanderbilt - Meier Wei, living in places Pistorius home from less than 100 meters, she told the court that he heard the house came the sound of a dispute. She said: "I was in the 1:56 wake up and hear that someone shouting in the house, as well as the sound of fighting, which lasted about an hour." said, and then she was gunfire giant sound re-awakened, and then they heard a man shouting.Michelle - Berg's husband Charles - Johnson, told the judge Maxi Pa, he was awakened by a woman's scream. Then he went to the balcony, where Pistorius leave home less than 200 meters. Johnson said: "At that time overstating her voice slowly, revealing a strong sense of fear, it is clear that human life is threatened after the first shot rang but the woman still screaming until the last shot sounded. come after, a woman's screams disappear. "Johansson trial today, and there is no specific Ultimately rang a few times.Michelle shot a 


statement yesterday, looked, and Johnson did not know the specific number of times, and that is probably five to six times. But the couple, and Mel maintain said they were later heard the sound of a man yelling for help, and this testimony was immediately caught the defense lawyer, said the trio heard a woman scream, actually Pistorius issued.Accordance with the laws of South Africa, if Pistorius is convicted of murder, even if he is disabled, will also be sentenced to at least 25 years in prison, and of course his brilliant sports career also came to an end. As Pistorius's lawyer, Barry - Brooks Tuesday in the trial of the main task is to do everything possible for the brightest nike kobe 7 for sale   evidence put forward their own questions. Brooks testimony accusing Berg said very deliberately exaggerated, good to meet the media, and conducive to their rapid conclusion.Brooks also throws a very "pull" point of view, he thinks screaming is Pistorius issued, and that the so-called gunfire, in fact, he was hit with a cricket bat toilet door. Berg denied Brooks's argument that a gunshot is correct, the same issue is also a woman screaming. Brooks on Berg said: "You are determined, his version of this is it cricket bat beating voice, you think that's gunfire; screams Oscar, do you think a woman is calling you. If you do not, then his version of no significance. "Brooks also alleged that Riva was impossible to scream, because the bullet hit his head, who can not be called out, the color of the violent language, so that the court suddenly tense up. Reporters at the scene noticed a detail, when Brooks said, "If you really shot to the head, screaming Sting Kemp is impossible," Pistorius bowed his head, put his hands behind his head cross-stacked. Brooks said: "The brain is so hurt people, it is impossible to have cognitive responses, there can be, so she would not scream." Interrupted the prosecution lawyer Neil Brooks,


 said Nell :. "the first three rounds actually hit the right side of her body, and her shoulder on the wall."Scolari in the pre-match press conference, said: "2002 World Cup, I never put on my effectiveness as a player, and I have not played Ricardinho, Kaka (World Cup) final game only appearance. whether anyone will have the opportunity, this is my first time and Rafinha Fernandez Godinho and cooperation, they will play a full game, this game means more to them. "Scolari then changed the subject: "I basically completed the team's build up, I want to see a player have different capabilities, will add to his squad, I will concern I have completed 95%. squad, maybe 90 percent. "Finally Scolari talks about Neymar: "I hope Neymar continuation of his style of play, I do not need him to be better, and he was a great coach and his great - such Martino work together, which makes. he was much better and I hope he continues to play in the same way when Brazil effectiveness. ""Lance Sports" that the reason the game with Rafinha and Luiz Felipe Scolari replaced Fernandez Godinho Alves and Gustavo, because Alves and Gustavo have Locking a World Cup starting position. Become familiar with the team as national football coach Alain Perrin gradually into the role. Through his observations, he made three recommendations to the team, the players do not want to blindly mistakes, but do not rush to attack.Sharjah in the national team's first training session, Perrin is still dominated to the sidelines. After team training, he simply acting nike kobe 7 cheap  coach Fu Bo and communicate, then the players were all together, put forward three proposals.Perrin first requires players to reduce errors in training, whether it is in the process of looting laps or confrontation, "a feet as much as possible out of the ball, do not hit the ball too high. Always lose the ball if the actual words, easy for opponents to play fight back. 

the Beijing team trailed by

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d MVP level of performance.First half, the Beijing team trailed by 11 points, which makes the site a lot of fans feel that Beijing team has no hope of comeback, but Marbury did not give up. Third quarter began, his first outside-thirds vote, then twice reached the basket succeeded, even after Marbury scored seven points, points difference is also instantly reduced to just four points, which makes the Beijing team again saw a comeback hope.For Marbury,nike kobe 8 for sale    the ability to back feel is the key to the game reversed. His first game 10 shots only three hits, but the second half, but Marbury firepower. "I shot a little ups and downs, it is difficult for me, but I have no choice, I just let myself go on fighting, continue to vote until you hit the ball so far."Speaking of the team's 11 points behind the adjustment, Marbury said: "This is a 40-minute game, sometimes the team will play well, sometimes bad, we have to keep running, to keep fighting, you can not lose the attention of concentrated, continue to work hard defensively, continue to rebound. "Speaking to play a team the whole game, Marbury said: "We played good today, to implement the arrangement before we go back we have to look at the video, we did not start playing well, there. a lot of problems, we have to see what things we need to continue and strive to do better later in the game. "After the fourth Beijing team will score closer, Wukesong Stadium fans in the audience began cheering in unison as Beijing and Guangdong team with boos gave a lot of pressure. Speaking support of the fans, Marbury sigh, said: "Beijing fans are the best fans on the planet, no matter under what circumstances they are full to cheer us throughout the whole game is no where fans more than the fans here. Well, no! "After yesterday 85-96 loss to the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks have suffered seven straight. The defeat led them to have been behind the current eight


h in eastern Charlotte 6.5 wins worse than originally did not intend to win, but also win the Boston Celtics halftime ball.Such a situation is obviously disappointing, when the piston at the end of the game interview with reporters, Carmelo has even felt speechless. "At this moment, I kinda do not know what to say with you," Anthony said, "This is entirely Jiuhuachongti, over and over again saying the same thing and we have to try to think something new to talk about the topic. "The status of the team not only frustrated Anthony, another central figure in the team Tyson - Chandler also began on the future shaken. Considering the mess the Knicks this season, the club owner James - Dolan may be in the offseason perform some major surgery on the team, who already showed some signs of decline in Chandler, is it still in the team Among blueprint for the future is unclear. Meanwhile, Chandler is also not sure whether they want to continue long-term cooperation with the team down."That would be something I have to face in the offseason," Chandler said, "We have a lot of decisions to make."Chandler current contract will expire in the summer air jordan 10 retro   of 2015, if the Knicks want to make a change, they can take advantage of Chandler's expiring contract to trade draft picks or some other assets. Chandler in the summer of 2011 as a free agent with the full eagerness to sign with the Knicks huge 65 million four-year contract, fancy just money, as well as re-title hopes. Three years later, however, the enthusiasm was gone, replaced by a frustrated because the Knicks this season, has been basically out of the ranks of championship contender."For me, (can be strong to complete his career) is very important." Chandler said, "My self-esteem so far, losing like this day after day, not through their own efforts to win victory to get off my accomplishments and the current stage of his career, I refuse to cast such a stain, "Lakers coach Mike - D'Antoni said earlier that he was not sure whether we can in the Steve Nash return of the season, while Nash himself when on Monday said that he would very 


much like to return to court, whether it is this season or next season. Meanwhile, Nash said that if he can come back this season, so he does not mind being the team's bench."Of course I want to go back on the court." In an interview, Nash said.Comeback, this process is very painful for the Nash thing, he had a brief comeback in February, but it re-injury after just four games. In the February 10 Lakers and Bulls game was Hinrich injured his knee, although he is still one game behind the play, but played only 17 minutes on leave again. This season, he played a total of 10 games, averaging only 7.6 points and 4.7 assists.Although in his 40th birthday in the evening, Nash's game against the 76ers got 19 single-game points and five assists, but just could not match the performance of the state on behalf of Nash now."When you look at my whole career for 18 years, it would just be like that game against Philadelphia that " Nash said, "but that game means a lot to me, at least it shows that I was able to do those things, but I was able to keep it  least now I can prove that I can. ""Yes, that game significance, on the one hand it is a reward for my efforts ten months later, on the other hand, it is not good for me and my knee had previously suffered fracture injuries now and again, And I also nerve root out some issues, and I really was not very good situation now. "In the past few days, Nash participated in a number of  air jordan 13 for sale  ightweight shooting training, but he did not practice with the team together. Nash said that if he could return to the court this season, he does not mind the Lakers bench."I totally depend on what they want me to do." Nash said. Overall 8 vote 2, 1, 6 shooting three-pointers, in the semi-final first match against Guangdong, Sun Yue again experienced the feel of a cold night, this was his third consecutive hit Guangdong lose sight a. Although the Beijing team final harvest in this game 


According to the original plan

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resumption of fighting, it also means participating in the four AFC teams will officially begin lane operations, in order to better prepare for the AFC Champions League guarantee, Luneng team also hopes to be a second round of Super League Jiangsu Sainty match postponed, after communicating with Sainty club got the consent of the other, the game will be postponed to April 9 proceed.According to the original plan, the super and the Jiangsu team away game will be March 15, but before and after this round Luneng have to be a super game, respectively AFC road game, first on March 11 away team Cerezo Osaka in Japan and then the next is March 18 away to South Korea Pohang Steelers, but they can not match Luneng to Osaka flights from Jinan, so to and from Japan was already tiring, if we carry out a road air jordan 5 retro   game to Nanjing After that, then hurriedly went to South Korea, which for the super two-lane operations will have a very big impact.In this case, Luneng also offered hope adjustment and Sainty team game time, after the club and Jiangsu Sainty Division agrees Luneng Chinese Football Association also approved an application to the game postponed. After the two sides agreed that the whole game is conducted at 19:35 on April 9. And before April 9, Luneng away at exactly 6 April Challenge Shanghai Shen Xin team, so that you can directly from Shanghai to Nanjing, the journey is not too much influence.For Luneng, this year the AFC can get good grades, or access to team qualify, these two away games on the 11th, the 18th is critical if these two games are lost to rivals, it is likely basically lost the battle for the top two teams in the initiative. Therefore postpone the second round Super also conducive Luneng threw into preparing for these two AFC. After the first round of the AFC, Luneng although not lose, but became four Super League clubs are among the only consistent shelling domestic media objects



. The reason is that the super natural so generous investment, even in the home draw with Thailand team, this result is clearly unacceptable. This weekend is about to face the Super League war, Luneng also want to use a good start to restore a little face.After the AFC draw Buriram, many domestic media when the team performance review Super 4 in, regarded this season targeting the introduction of foreign aid Luneng heavily that people can not really super performance compliment, even think Luneng much continues to repeat itself, "foreign wars outsider" in the AFC history. As the next step is to conduct two rounds of the AFC consecutive road games, is also the potential for super life and death, but before the two AFC foot away, it will usher in the Super Luneng opener, for which the club also must be ordered in Super first win at home to obtain, with the first match of the AFC Super League opener restore lost face, but air jordan 1 retro    can be considered as the next AFC bolstering.While the opponent is newly promoted Super League opener Harbin Yi Teng team, both the strength vary widely, but Luneng have their own difficulties, and this is followed by several internationals are UAE national team to away games, these players back home soonest Wait until the evening of March 6, which is basically very difficult to participate in several international competitions March 7, so as Mrs Wang, Dewey, and even the goalie Zheng Zheng Wang Lei may lack warfare and Yi Teng's game, which for Luneng it will inevitably play a discount in strength. While individual foreign aid may also be frozen to preserve the physical preparation AFC road games.Fortunately, this year's bench strength Luneng also very abundant, even all these international rotations are also able to send a break strength is not weak lineup, like ursolic, Dai Lin, Li Songyi, Wu Xinghan, Yang Cheng players and other players are likely to Harbin Yi Teng team in the 


game among the first evening of March 4, 2014, Barcelona captain Carles Puyol announced the end of the season after a contract with the club, played 16 seasons away from the team. Puyol did not disclose how the future, the Spanish media speculation that he might go to New York.Puyol will be 36 years old when he left Barcelona. Puyol revealed at a news conference to leave because of his knee injury. Puyol hurt his career total of 36 times, including eight times in the two knees. So he could go where competition is less intense, probably will not stay away from Barcelona in La Liga.According to the "World Sports Daily" reported the New York Puyol could effect because wife Vanessa has residence in Manhattan, often to work in New York. Puyol could go to New York City or New York Red Bulls team. In addition, Qatar although unlikely, but it is also one of the possible destinations. Chan Chi-chiu With the transfer window closed last signing day Beijing Guoan, Guoan also completed earlier this year introduced four Neiyuan, and the arrival of Chan Chi-chiu has also changed the position of the team in the frontcourt never Guangdong membership Players joining history. Chan Chi-chiu short, thin body but also how much the fans make the capital a little worried, but face the problem of their own physical condition, Chan Chi-chiu then jokes that he is actually not too skinny, and his stature in the frontcourt air jordan 11 gamma blue  offensive play more flexible features.Chan Chi-chiu, after signing with national security, but also specifically in Guangdong returned home to pack something, then in the 3rd arrived in Beijing, officially meet with the team and appeared in the 3rd night of training being. However, because no systematic training before, and therefore can not participate Chan Chi-chiu Guoan scrimmaging, these days also are trained to follow the fitness coach Xueshen separate physical recovery.Among today's training, there a


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